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ScanFin Smart Scanners – Help You to Find Trading Opportunities Without Spending Hours Analyzing Graphs

Using ScanFin Smart Scanners gives you the following main benefits: 


1. More trading opportunities – instead of missing out on good trades, every good opportunity you are looking for will come to you and you will make more trades and more money.
2. Only suitable trading opportunities –  do not get alerts about patterns or indicators that are irrelevant to your trading.
3. Less screen time and endless sitting at your computer –  instead of scanning endless charts for suitable patterns, and at the same time hurting your eyes and your back, the scanners will search for you. You will get an alert when they locate an opportunity and only then you will join in for analysis and open a trade.
4. 24/5 work –  the scanners can work for you 24 hours, 5 days a week, and in fact at all days and times that interest you (so at the rest of the time, you will not get false alarms).
5. Adjusting the trades per asset –  you can have a statistic study (BackTesting), so you will be able to know what pattern and Indicator works best, what the optimal TP and SL are and what the best times to trade the asset are.

How does it work?


 Smart Traders Use Smart Tools and ScanFin Smart Scanners!

We provide free notifications, based on market scans, through our Telegram channels, but in order not to overwhelm nor flood followers, we provide notifications based on fewer patterns – fewer graphs – and only on a one-hour or four-hour graphs.

But you’ll also have the possibility of receiving the market scan – as an expert – directly to your computer – and to define your customized scans according to your own requirements.

If you don’t want wasted hours on chart reading
If you want to scan only your preferred assets
If you want to scan just specific patterns
If you wish to carry out BT on every template and to examine statistics
If you prefer to operate the system on your own timeframes

Then keep on reading and find out how you can receive a fully-personalized scanner for all your needs!

Our scanners support notifications about the following situations:

Notifications by Japanese Candlestick Patterns – in the following patterns:
1. Bullish Hammer / Shooting Star  
2. Inverted Hammer / Hanging Man  
3. Bullish Engulfing / Bearish Engulfing  
4. Morning Star / Evening Star  
5. Three Inside Up / Three Inside Down   
6. Tweezer Bottom / Top 
7. Morning / Evening Doji Star    

(with dozens of more patterns to be added in the future – you will get free updates)

Notifications about various events on the following indicators:
1. Bollinger Bands Strategy
2. RSI Strategy
3. MA Strategy
4. Stochastic Strategy 
5. MACD Strategy

(with dozens of more indicators to be added in the future – you will get free updates)

Before and After trades

 Bullish Hammer / Shooting Star  

Inverted Hammer / Hanging Man   

Bullish Engulfing / Bearish Engulfing  

Morning Star / Evening Star  

Three Inside Up / Three Inside Down   

Tweezer Top / Bottom     

Who can benefit from our Smart Scanners?

1. Traders with a background in forex trading and in the MetaTrader 4 platform.
2. Traders with a background in trading strategies with Japanese candlestick patterns and / or indicators.
3. Traders who do not like to sit for hours on the charts’ i.e. spend less time in front of the computer.
4. Traders who want to improve their trading.
5. Traders who are willing to trade with discipline and specialize in a new way of trading.
6. Traders who want to persist on the long run.
7. Traders who want to make money on the long run, rather than quickly with one shot.

If you identify with 5 or more sections – then our scanners can help you succeed.

What ScanFin Smart Scanners can do for you?

1. Scan any asset you choose – if you want gold, you will! Any asset on your platform MT4. You can set to display a graphic notation on the graph or not.
2. Scan only timeframes that interest you – you can get look for the Hammer pattern only on the graphs of 5 or 15 minutes.
3. Scan graphs only on days and hours that are interesting for you – you’ll get your relevant alerts – without additional alerts you’re not interested in.
4. You choose the patterns or indicators you want to scan.
5. You can set whether to receive a local alert, by phone or by email.
6. You can set to display a graphic notation on the graph or not.
7. You choose the structure and settings of each pattern you want to receive.
8. You can do a historical test (BackTest) for each pattern on the asset and the timeframe you want and get the success percentage each pattern can give you.


The differences between Telegram Scanner and ScanFin Smart Scanners

Number of Robots


Currency Selection

Time frame

Drawing on the screen

Setting trading hours

Trading days

Alerts to MT4

Alert to smartphnoe

Alert to Email

Back test - Research of strategy

Autoexecution orders (algo)

Purchase costs

Telegram Scanner

Only scanner on Telegram



8 currency pairs we have set in advance


only 2 timeframes – 1H and 4 hours

Photo of 1 trade every time

24 hours a day

Run all week


Only Telegram





ScanFin Smart Scanners

2 (candlestick + indicators)



You choose the currency pairs on which the scanner will run.

All 9 options.

You choose!

Your system is full of indications of your choice!

You can limit the alerts just to the hours that are relevant for you

You can choose trading days you want






One-Year License - $397

Lifetime License – $697

Pricing Table

The main difference between a Telegram Scanner and a ScanFin Smart Scanners is the option to select the settings of each pattern or indicator – Examples:

1. If you want a hammer with a needle 3 times bigger than the candle’s body – you can set it up.
2. If you want a moving average of 50 versus a moving average of 100 – you can set it up.
3. If you want an exponential moving average and not a simple one – there are 4 different options available for you.
4. If you want to trade on RSI 10 but get alerts about crossing the values 20 & 80 – you set it up easily.
5. If you want rare alerts only on Bollinger 20 with a deviation of 3 – it’s easy, too!
6. If you want a Morning Star, where closing price of the first candle is at 80% of the third candle’s size – you can type it into the system.
7. In a word – you can use systems according to your definitions – and be sure you can explore the quality and profitability of each setting using the BackTesting system.

 After 60 days of training using ScanFin Smart Scanners you can earn additional $324 every month


Ways to purchase / get ScanFin Smart Scanners for FREE

Speical offer – 2024

$597 $397
34% Discount!
One year License + 3 month gift
with any Broker

Get For FREE Smart Scanners PRO

Open account and
deposit $250 
to get Scanners for FREE

Speical offer – 2024

$897 $697
23% Discount!
Lifetime License 
with any Broker

 *100% Risk Free Guarantee

 How to get our scanners for free? Deal with Broker Partner!

All you need to do is the following:
Step 1: Register and open a new account in Partners brokers. 
Step 2: Deposit an amount of $250 (It’s your account and you can withdraw your money at any time).
Step 3: Send us an email to with your account number.
We will send you a reply e-mail, which will include our ScanFin Scanners (2 EA Robots) with a one-year license.

Every month you have not used our scanners you lost $324 on average



VPS Server
All Purchasers of our Scanners will get VPS Server – In order for you to run the Scanners 24/5 you need a VPS Server.
VPS Server costs $29, and you will get it Free – for 3 months.

Worth $87

That means not only that you can get ScanFin Smart Scanners for free – if you work with our affiliate brokers – you receive bonus that can help you in your trading.

Is there a better deal anywhere?

Our Smart Scanner sends alerts in 3 ways:

1. Local alert on MetaTrader 4 in your computer

2. Alert E-mail

3. Notification to your MT4 Apps on your smartphone:

Top notification window
Clicking the message leads
to in-app notifications

*It is easy to connect the mt4(computer) to your MT4 app in smartphone.

What our customers tell about these ScanFin Scanners

“The alerts from the scanner about the Japanese candlestick patterns are simply excellent, helped me a lot to decide whether to enter or exit my trades !! Highly recommend!”  Alex
“I have been using the Japanese candlestick scanner for two months. I earned  568 dollars.

Thank you!!”   Jackson H.

“Hello friends.
I have been trading with the Bollinger bands for many years – and I would sit for hours at the screen to looking for opportunities. Since I bought the SCANFIN scanner, I’ve been released from the screen – I’ve set up the scanner just for the Bollinger indicator in the assets I know and love – and today I’m just waiting to get alerts on my smartphone regarding trading opportunities.
Since I have begun trading with the scanner I can say that …..
1. I no longer sit on the charts.
2. I do not miss good opportunities.
3. I can continue working in my business in a completely different area.
4. I manage to earn more money from trading and maybe soon I will be able to focus solely on trading.
ScanFin, You have changed my life – lots and lots of thanks!”
Byron Mabetwa , South Africa
“My problem in trading has always been that there were time periods when I traded Successfully and earned money and there were other time periods when I did mistakes and lost the previous profits.
I’ve been using the Smart ScanFin Scanners for two months now, and I’ve begun to see an improvement in my persistence in trading : I’m no longer looking for trades, but waiting for an alert according to my definitions and only then I open the MetaTrader platform.
In the first month, I covered the scanners’ price and a lot more – Thank you!”
Marek Dvorsky, Slovakia

“I use many robots, but until now i have never had a great robot as the Japanese candlestick scanner. Worth every dollar.” Robert D.
“I would like to recommend to everyone to buy the Smart ScanFin scanner.
I use the scanner to look for Japanese candlestick patterns on the 15 minute chart of EURUSD and I find lots of trading ideas that together with my secret method of trend analysis makes me a lot of money.
Well done ScanFin, the idea is excellent and works well!
Waiting for upgrades for more templates.”
Jennifer Schimmelpfennig, Germany
“Your scanner helps me earning hundreds of dollars every month!

You are the best !!” Christian R.

Buy Now ScanFin Smart Scanners and step towards economic freedom


FAQ – ScanFin Smart Scanners and dealing with the Broker

As it is important for us to change the trading world `and help people making money in forex, we have worked hard and succeeded to close a deal with some forex brokers. You won’t have to pay for ScanFin Smart Scanners, because the forex broker will pay us for your one-year license as part of the deal (in exchange for opening an account with the broker) and you will receive the scanners for free.
Because the broker knows that with our scanners you will make a lot of money and trade for a long time, so when you are satisfied and have a lot of trades, you will pay a lot of trading fees - a WIN-WIN situation for everyone.
Yes, it is possible for anyone who purchases the full version. You can purchase the expert advisor or get it free when opening an account with one of our affiliate brokers. The expert advisor allows you to customize all of the settings that include choosing the currency pairs, the timeframes and the template types. You can even do back-testing.
Yes, it is possible for anyone who purchases the full version. You can purchase the expert advisor or get it for free upon opening an account with one of our affiliate brokers. The expert advisor allows you to customize all of the settings that include choosing the currency pairs, the timeframes and the template types. You can even do back-testing.
There are several differences: On Telegram we send alerts on 7 currency pairs and 2 cryptocurrencies for 1 and 4 hour timeframes. The smart scanners provide alerts (and can even open trades for you) on any pair and timeframe you are interested in.
We only send free alerts on Telegram. When you purchase the full version, you will be able to get alerts by e-mail and by the local alerts and notifications of the MetaTrader application.
We believe that our basic service should be free, for helping novice traders not to miss opportunities to make money. For experienced traders, who need a customizable system, we have developed a premium service, whose full version can be obtained for free due to our deal with our affiliate brokers. Everyone benefits from this arrangement – we, you and the broker. We receive a payment for the product. You get the product for free. The broker gets serious and professional traders with high potential to succeed and earn from long term trading.
You get two Smart Scanners – one for Japanese Candlestick Patterns and the other - for Indicators. Two scanners for the price of one.
Yes. You will get the scanners from us, while the Broker will give the standard bonuses according to your choice.
We’ve checked out many brokers. The ones we have chosen are under strict regulatory supervision. They are of good quality and are good at what they do, and our robot works best on their trading platform.
We have planned, designed and developed these Scanners in our company “ScanFin”.
No, you can withdraw your money at any time; it is your account and you can manage it in whatever way you choose.
The license you will get is for one year. You will get notifications from the scanners in the last 30 days before this year ends. After that you will have to buy a new license. There is a chance you will get a special offer. but don’t worry: you will have a lot of profit to spend on a new license after enjoying the first free year.
No, we are being paid just for new accounts that are opened from our website. Try to open a new account or buy the scanners thrugh a special offer.
ScanFin Smart Scanners work on the MT4 platform (MetaTrader 4). It is extremely user-friendly.
Not at all! You need few simple steps and the Smart Scanners will start looking for trading opportunities for you, and you will start getting real-time updates when interesting opportunities come up.
Send us an email to with the account number you have opened. We will send you a reply e-mail, including our ScanFin Scanners (2 EA Robots) with a one-year license.

With our ScanFin Scanners based on the ancient Japanese Candlestick Patterns combined with advanced filters of various indicators, you will earn money regularly in the forex market

Stop losing money because you miss trading opportunities – let us search for you what interests you! 

Buy Now ScanFin Smart Scanners and step towards economic freedom


Scanfin – A Simple Way To Financial Freedom!

We provide 24/7 professional support via e-mail at or via
Telegram: @Scanfin_team